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Energy Rates - Commercial

URE electric and gas rates for commercial accounts are contained in this section.

Electric rates:

The rate you pay for electricity is based on the type of service you receive. The bill is made up of three parts: Generation, Transmission and Distribution Services (including state excise tax).

This rate applies to small businesses and farms that also have singe-phase service.

Fuel Cost Adjustment rate will change monthly. The current rate is $0.0304925 (updated 09/2018) 


Identify your rate below:

Single-phase services are typically small businesses /hobby barn

Three-phase services are broken out into four classes of service:

  • Rate 20- small offices/warehouses, retail (transformer capacity 1 to 99 kVa)
  • Rate 21 - larger office/warehouse space (transformer capacity 100 to 299 kVa)
  • Rate 22 - dist. center/manufacturing, retail (transformer capacity 300 to 749 kVa)
  • Rate 23 - manufacturing, large retail (transformer capacity 750 to 1,499 kVa)

For large commercial and industrial operations utilizing 1,500 kW per month or greater may be qualified for URE Rate MPS, LPS or Rate H-23 once the total energy and service requirements of the member have been analyzed by URE.


The Outdoor Lighting (effective Aug. 2013) schedule has the applicable rates listed for streetlight and private outdoor lighting services.



Natural Gas rates: 

(for one CCF of natural gas)

  • Medium General Service (updated 8/11)
  • Rate 30: $0.750570 per ccf (up to 250 ccf) drops to: $0.730570 ccf (over 250 ccf) - updated 09/2018.


Remember both the electric fuel cost and the fuel cost for natural gas change monthly so monthly rates are subject to fluctuation.

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