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Energy Rates - Residential


Electric Rates

The rate you pay for electricity is based on the type of service you receive. The bill is made up of three parts: Generation, Transmission and Distribution Services (including State Excise Tax).

This rate also applies to small businesses and farms that also have singe-phase service.

Fuel Cost Adjustment rate will change monthly. The current rate is  $0.0298717 (updated 07/2018)


Natural Gas Rates

As of July 2018 the total current Rate 20 for natural gas is: $0.799910 per ccf.

Residential and Small Commercial Rates (updated 8/11)

By virtue of CERC’s nature as a member-owned utility, we are not required to participate in the competitive natural gas market. However, the information is useful if you are interested in keeping track of how CERC rates compare to the rest of the marketplace.

To read more about the natural gas utility industry, consider visiting the Ohio Consumers Council Web site at


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