Be Prepared

Be Prepared – Coping With A Power Outage

Through rain, wind, snow, and ice, URE strives to keep the power on for every home and business in its service area. But sometimes unexpected conditions will cause our electric cooperative members to temporarily lose power. When storms or other circumstances cause an outage, you can rest assured that URE will take immediate action to restore service. Although we work as quickly as possible to get the power back on, there are some steps you can take before, during and after an outage to make it easier to cope.

hand switching on circuit breaker
man holding cell phone
downed power line on street
battery powered radio
canned and packaged food in box
supplies, water, first aid kit, battery powered radio
fire burning in fireplace
woman working on laptop
gas on stove

Smell Gas?

Call us directly at (937) 642-1826 to report a natural gas problem.

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Be Prepared for Storms

Winter Weather Information: Check out for winter weather tips. If your lights go off during a storm, be prepared for the power outage. Assemble supplies to have on hand rather than rushing around when the storm is coming and waiting in long lines for milk or bread. Rotate your supplies to keep them fresh and use the following checklist to prepare for power outages:

Food & Water

During the Storm

Keep Things Going

Stay Happy, Healthy, & Warm