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Get Service - Commercial

Welcome! If you are purchasing or building a new business in URE's service area, you will need to fill out the application below.

The undersigned (hereafter called Applicant) hereby apply for membership in the Union Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. and/or its subsidiary or affiliated companies (hereafter known as Cooperative) and agrees to be bound by the Cooperative’s “Terms and Conditions for Supplying Electric Service” and “Natural Gas Terms and Conditions” and the following:

  1. Applicant will pay for all services at prices set by the Cooperative for services on or before the due date specified on the Applicant’s bill. Failure to do so may result in the Applicant being charged late payment penalties or result in discontinuance of service. Re-establishment of the Applicant’s service may require that all unpaid balances be paid in full along with a security deposit and other fees.

  2. Applicant designates the Cooperative as the Applicant’s agent for the purpose of entering into third party agreements to secure electric and/or natural gas supply, transmission and distribution services.

  3. Applicant agrees to be bound to and comply with the Articles of Incorporation and Code of Regulations as set and revised by the Cooperative Board of Trustees.

  4. Applicant agrees to maintain and properly use customer owned facilities and any apparatus connected to the Cooperative’s system, and agrees to identify and hold harmless the Cooperative against any injury, loss, or damage as a result of the use or misuse of customer’s facilities or apparatus. In no event shall the responsibility of the Cooperative extend beyond the point at which its service facilities are attached to the customer structure(s) on the premises to be served by the Cooperative.

  5. Applicant grants to the Cooperative the right to enter upon and an easement on, over, across, under and through any part of the premises to be served by the Cooperative to construct, install, operate, reconstruct, rephase, relocate, maintain, repair, and remove any part of the Cooperative facilities and/or communication systems for the purpose of providing all services applied for and to do all things incident or necessary thereto, including without limitation cutting, removal and controlling the growth of the vegetation that may interfere with or threaten to endanger the operation and maintenance of said system.

  6. Natural gas Applicants hereby acknowledge receipt of “Natural Gas Terms and Conditions.”

  7. Cooperative Applicants hereby agree that $7.32 of the amount paid for electricity each year is for a subscription to Ohio Cooperative Living magazine.

  8. Applicant acknowledges and agrees that the Cooperative may review the Applicant’s credit history as a result of this application.


This application for service in our co-op territory ONLY - Union County, OH and the immediate vicinity.

As standard procedure, URE rounds each bill up to the next highest dollar and collects the resulting change in a program called Operation Round Up. Funds are donated back to worthy causes in the community.
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