Net Metering Procedure

  1. Obtain Net Metering document packet from URE and review –
  2. Review the current rate schedule for net metering – Net Metering Service Rate Schedule N and Single Phase Service Rate Schedule A or Rate T for 3-phase net metering
    1. Review minimum charge
    2. Due to a fluctuating market – price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) subject to change annually in February. Please call (800) 642-1826 for current rate information.
  3. Complete an Application for Distributed Resources
    1. You will need to work with your installer/distributer to obtain the required information
    2. A $100 application fee must be paid upon submittal of the application document
  4. URE will work with member/contractor to complete Agreement for Electric Service for Qualifying Cogeneration or Small Power Production Facilities with Net Metering that will require member signature.
  5. URE will work with member/contractor to complete Agreement for Interconnection and Parallel Operation of a Net Metered Qualifying Cogeneration or Small Power Production Facility that will require member signature.
  6. URE management and Buckeye has determined that 25 kW or less solar and wind Net Metering with proven technology is exempt from certification of QF for Exhibit A – Application for Interconnection and Parallel Operation (Member submitted Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) – Qualifying Facility application Form 556). URE request technical data sheets for system with verification that units meets IEEE specifications. Other systems must self certify as a Qualifying Small Power Producing Facility by filling out FERC form 556 at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission website. Provide the docket number you receive back from FERC to URE with your application.
  7. Submit all required technical documentation and drawings pertaining to the proposed system to URE along with applications and agreements.
  8. URE will review all submitted information and if everything is in order, approve the installation.
  9. URE reserves the right to make a site visit to determine what work will be required including installation of a new meter, disconnect switch placement, meter base size.
  10. URE will reprogram existing meter with a net metering program at member/contractor expense.
  11. Interconnection of the Distributed Generation system to the distribution system must be scheduled with URE so that tests can be performed on the system prior to interconnection.
    1. Verify system shutdown in the event of power outage.
    2. Verify system startup.
    3. Monitor received and generated energy.
  12. Contact us with questions or concerns by emailing URE with the subject line: Net Metering