URE is a not-for-profit electric and natural gas distribution cooperative under the guidance of a democratically elected board of trustees. Our profits do not go to investors in far off places around the world, they are instead allocated back to each member based on their usage. Then, based on the financial condition of the cooperative, they are returned in the form of billing credits. That’s right, Cash Back to our members!

There’s more …

History of Stable Rates
We effectively manage costs to lessen the impact of rate adjustments felt by our residential members.

Unmatched Power Reliability
URE invested an average of $4.5 million annually for the past five years in utility plant, contributing to our 99.99% rate of power availability.

Timely Restoration Efforts
Our line crews work round-the-clock to restore power when you need it most. URE also provides real-time outage notifications through SmartHub to keep you informed during restoration efforts.

Member satisfaction surveys will begin in May!
If you receive a call or email asking you to take a survey on your satisfaction with being a URE member, rest assured it is legitimate and secure. We appreciate your time and feedback!


As a URE member, for only $1, you could:
• Use a computer for 25 hours
• Run your refrigerator for 15 hours
• Play video games for 62 hours
• Use a vacuum for 7 hours