Operation Round Up

Your spare change goes a long way when you share it with Operation Round Up.

  • Operation Round Up logoBy simply “rounding up” your bill to the next dollar each month, URE members make a big difference with small change in Union County!
  • Since its inception in 1999, Operation Round Up has processed hundreds of applications and given out over $500,000 to individuals and groups around Union County
  • You are automatically part of Operation Round Up when you sign up for new service, unless you let us know otherwise

If for any reason you choose not to participate, simply call us at (937) 642-1826 or (800) 642-1826.

Here’s How it Works

Your bill is rounded up to the nearest dollar each month.

  • For example, a bill of $82.66 is rounded up to $83
  • The extra 34 cents goes directly to URE’s Trust Fund, set up specifically to handle Operation Round Up contributions
  • Every month, the URE Trust Board reviews applications and selects those that qualify.

We hope every URE member (electric and natural gas) will participate in Operation Round Up. When more members contribute, more help can be given!

To Start Contributing to Operation Round Up

Send an email to member services with your service address and a services representative will contact you to confirm your intent.

Do You Know an Individual or Group that Would Benefit from a One-Time Grant?

Follow these important steps to apply for assistance:

  • The applicant (individual or organization) must pick up the application from the URE office
  • Only original applications with all information completed will be accepted for consideration
  • Your application must be received no later than the Friday prior to the fourth Thursday of the month for consideration at that month’s meeting
  • Read the guidelines for applicants – individual and organization

Program Guidelines

The mission of the Union Rural Electric Trust is the accumulation and disbursement of funds for charitable purposes in the area including and surrounding the URE Service Territory.

  • Accomplished by disbursement of funds to individuals and organizations for food, shelter, equipment, clothing, health expenses, and education
  • Utility bills are not covered


  • The applicant (individual or organization) must pick up the application from the URE office
  • Please be specific with your request and the amount of money you are requesting. If you need more space than is allotted for the information, please attach an additional sheet of paper.

Attach All Quotes & Estimates to the Application

The applicant (individual or organization) must pick up the application from the URE office

Attach all quotes and estimates to the application such that if approved by the URE Trust, the award/payment can be made directly to the vendor or person providing the service. In most cases, the distribution of funds is made to the vendor not to the individual submitting the application. In reference to car repairs: the car must be seen and analyzed by the repair facility. All estimates should be within 60 days. No phone estimates will be accepted.

  • Incomplete, blemished forms or insufficient information may cause your application to be returned, denied, or delayed until the next monthly meeting, pending submission of more information
  • Operation Round Up provides financial assistance to individuals with needs such as funding for victims of house fires or severe storms, or special equipment for the blind, physically handicapped, or others
  • Operation Round Up provides help for those in dire circumstances – It is meant for one time needs that can’t be completely met through other agencies
  • Operation Round Up is not meant to pay any utility bills (including electric) – It is not intended to be a “sole source” of funding or provide standard operating expenses of already existing programs for organizations
  • The URE Trust does not assist in down payments & deposits
  • URE Trust does not assist in the purchase of automobiles
  • URE Trust does not pay any future rent
  • Operation Round Up is not able to accommodate requests for immediate or emergency funding prior to the next regularly schedule monthly meeting
  • You will be notified directly of the URE Trust Board’s decision on funding – URE member service representatives will not have that information
  • The board usually meets the last Thursday of each month, except in November, but may reschedule the meeting to another date during the last week of the month.
  • Individuals do not have to be URE co-op members to receive a grant from Operation Round Up, but do have to reside in URE’s service area to apply
  • All disbursements are paid directly to the vendor
  • Any overage in payments must be refunded back to URE Trust