GenerLink Transfer Switches

GenerLink is an innovative device that puts an end to the hassles and headaches of connecting an emergency generator to your home’s wiring system – In fact, GenerLink makes connecting a generator as easy as plugging in a cord!

What Is It?

GenerLink is a collar that is inserted between your home’s electric meter and socket by an URE service technician. The process takes only 20-30 minutes. Once installed, you simply plug your generator into the GenerLink. Now your home’s electrical system is powered by your generator

How Does It Work?

GenerLink automatically disconnects your home from the power grid when the generator is engaged. This allows you to operate home appliances without the hassle of extension cords, and prevents electricity from backfeeding onto power lines – electricity that could seriously injure or kill URE repair crews working to restore power int he area. Backfeeding can also ruin your generator.

How Much Does It Cost?

Members may purchase a GenerLink 30 amp transfer switch for $749 or a GenerLink 40 amp transfer switch for $856. These prices include Union County sales tax. URE will only sell to members, as the device will be installed by URE technicians. There is no installation fee.

Will It Work With My Equipment?

There are some specific generator and electric service requirements that must be met in order to install a GenerLink at your home:

  • Electrical service from the URE must be 200 amps or less
  • The generator’s maximum continuous power output rating must not exceed  8,500 watts (30-amp) / 10,000 watts (40-amp)
  • The generator must have a 4-wire 120/240-volt outlet with a maximum rating of 30 amps
  • A properly-sized power cord will be needed to make the connection between your generator’s power outlet and the GenerLink receptacle
  • The end that mates to the GenerLink receptacle must be a NEMA L1430 locking female connector
  • The end of the cord that plugs into the. outlet mounted on your generator must be one of the following: 14-20 Straight, L14-20 Locking, 14-30 Straight, or L14-30 Locking

How Can I Get One Installed?

To sign up for GenerLink contact member services by calling (937) 642-1826 or fill out the following GenerLink Installation Agreement. Please notify URE if you have a generator

For the safety of our crews, please call the office at (937) 642-1826 and let us know if you have a generator. We will note this with our member information. Portable generators, widely used when power lines are down, can prove fatal to our line workers and your neighbors when used improperly.

For more information about GenerLink visit the GenerLink website.

GenerLink Installation Agreement

Options for GenerLink

1 – GenerLink Model # MA23-S with 20 foot Power Cord (30 AMP) – $700

Tax at 7% – $49

Total – $749

1 – GenerLink Model # MA24-S with 20 foot Power Cord (40 AMP) – $800

Tax at 7% – $56

Total – $856

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