Before you build – Residential Natural Gas Service

Step 1: Application for New Service

To establish new service at a location (see natural gas service area) that does not have an existing natural gas meter, you are required to complete a New Residential Member Application.

Step 2: Complete the New Home Construction Questionnaire

The New Home Construction Questionnaire will supply specific information about your energy needs. The information requested must be completed before an appointment with a service engineer can be scheduled.

Step 3: Meet with the Engineer

Buildings and property lines must be staked or under construction and accessible prior to any meeting in the field with an engineer. The URE rep will cover a number of items during the meeting including:

  • Service routes / Meter locations
  • Main line extensions – if applicable
  • Service line requirements
  • Easements for Main line extensions – if applicable
  • CIAC (Contribution in Aid of Construction)
  • Contract for Signatures

Step 4: Engineering the Project

The engineer will gather information about your natural gas service requirements, main line extensions or road bore crossings, and complete the necessary paperwork. Your gas service must be constructed under Federal DOT 49 CFR Part 192, State, and Local Rules and Regulations. Please review the Service Line Construction Requirements.

Step 5: Member Responsibilities

If easement is needed, deed information and notarized signatures will be required. If CIAC is needed, payment in full will be required before construction. Member must comply with URE’s Terms and Conditions for Natural Gas. In addition, a passing County inspection permit and at least one gas appliance must be installed for service establishment.

General Service Line Construction

Your service line is divided into two parts, the company service line, (tap to curb valve – URE’s responsibility) and the customer service line, (curb valve to meter -members responsibility). Private homeowners have the option of having a qualified contractor or URE install their portion of the service line. If you have a contractor install your portion of the service, they must supply the minimum following information to URE:

  • Operator Qualification records for all construction tasks
  • Current enrollment in an approved DOT Drug and Alcohol plan
  • All service line material specifications
  • Allow construction DOT inspection before backfilling

Additional service line construction specifications can be found on the Document Library page.