3.0 Customer Operating Procedures

  1. If high-voltage, low-voltage, or voltage flicker complaints arise from other customers due to the operation of customer DR, the customer may be required to disconnect his or her generation equipment from the Cooperative’s system until the problem has been resolved.
  2. The operation of the DR equipment must not result in harmonic currents or voltages at the point of common coupling that will interfere with the Cooperative’s metering accuracy and/or proper operation of facilities and/or with the loads of other customers. Such adverse effects may include, but are not limited to heating of wiring and equipment, over voltage, communication interference, etc. If such a condition is found, the Cooperative may require the DR Facility to be disconnected from the Cooperative lines until the problem is resolved.
  3. The DR Facility owner must discontinue parallel operation when requested by the Cooperative after prior notice. If the Cooperative has notified the DR Facility owner that an emergency situation exists, the DR Facility owner shall immediately discontinue parallel operation of the DR Facility with the Cooperative’s lines.