1. Objective

The primary purpose of the Roger Yoder Multipurpose Room is to serve URE’s operations, training, and internal services. Following employee needs for the multipurpose meeting room consistent with URE’s mission, the use of the multipurpose meeting room will be to serve its members and support the communities we serve.

2. May Be Used For

  1. Meetings of nonprofit-based groups devoted to agricultural, business, professional, community, and civic activities that serve or provide a benefit to the community supported by URE.
  2. Meetings of other electric cooperative groups or URE-affiliated entities.

3. May Not Be Used For

  1. Social functions (examples: recitals, private parties, birthday parties, receptions, etc.)
  2. Meetings for the purpose of making direct sales or the taking of orders for sales of services or products for the making of profit or investments of any kind or any fundraising event.
  3. Regular recurring meetings or gatherings of any organization or individual.

4. Rules for Use

  1. The serving or consumption of alcohol or the use of any tobacco products is strictly prohibited on the URE premises.
  2. The Applicant shall assume full responsibility for the organization or group using the facilities including the following:
    1. Conduct of any patron, guest, or visitor who attends an event. Disorderly conduct, offensive or profane language, or acts of violence will not be permitted and violations of any of the foregoing conditions will be basis for refusal of use of these facilities. URE assumes no responsibility for supervision and/or chaperoning any event scheduled in URE facilities.
    2. All damage to, or misappropriate use of URE facilities furniture, fixtures, building, or equipment caused by the group or its members or their guests. Each group will be held financially responsible and held liable for reimbursement to URE for any such damage or loss.
    3. Securing the room and its contents and outside entrance door being properly closed and locked if the meeting ends after 4 p.m.
  3. Food service will be allowed on the premises; however, preparation of food which requires cooking will be prohibited. When food is served, all garbage and refuse will be placed in containers and any dishes and tableware furnished by the Cooperative will be left clean and ready for re-use. Items deemed recyclable shall be placed in the appropriate recycle containers provided by the Cooperative. Food left in the refrigerator or cupboards overnight shall be considered abandoned and disposed of the following day. URE shall not be responsible for containers left on the premises.
  4. Groups that use the Roger Yoder Multipurpose Room must be responsible for all clean up. Floors, tables, etc. will be left clear of debris.
  5. The Cooperative will not supply any paper or plastic goods for public use.
  6. The Cooperative will furnish the number of chairs and tables requested (limited to the number owned by the Cooperative).
  7. The Roger Yoder Multipurpose Room and the adjoining support rooms (entrance lobby, restrooms, warming kitchen, and coat room) shall be the only rooms made available for public use. Persons attending meetings in the Roger Yoder Multipurpose Room will not be permitted in the office portion of the building.
  8. Granting of permission to use the Roger Yoder Multipurpose Room does not constitute URE endorsement of the activities or purposes of the user group. Unauthorized use of the URE name, other than to indicate the location of an event is prohibited.
  9. Room capacity will be determined by state fire code and room set-up requirements.

5. Reservations

  1. Authority to schedule use of the Roger Yoder Multipurpose Room is vested with the executive staff of URE and shall be coordinated through the Executive Assistant.
  2. All requests for use will be confirmed on the electronic application. These rules governing the use will be part of the application.
  3. URE reserves the right to reject any request for use of its facilities and to terminate use at any time for any reason.
  4. URE reserves the right to cancel use of the room for any event.
  5. Request for weekend/holiday events will not be accepted.
  6. Reservations may be booked no more than 1 year prior to the event.

6. Donations

  1. A $100 donation is recommended, payable to Union Rural Electric for the use of the Roger Yoder Multipurpose Room to benefit the URE Youth Scholarship Fund.

7. Cancellations

  1. When it becomes necessary to cancel a reservation, please notify Union Rural Electric in writing at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled meeting.