Crews have been working today restoring scattered ourages due to high winds. Crews will be replacing this pole. We appreciate your patience.

OUTAGE ALERT- an estimated 40 members are experiencing an outage- due to a fiber line, tied to our neutral lines, hanging low on Rt 4. Crews are on the scene making repairs.

Crews have been dispatched to Jerome Township to investigate the cause of this outage.

Members in Jerome Township are experiencing an outage due to a truck vs pole accident.

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We are experiencing local phone issues. Please use 800-642-1826 to contact us. We apologize for the inconvenience.

An estimated 880 members are out of service. Crews have been dispatched to investigate. 4:50 Crews discovered a truck snagged some communication cable and damaged one of our poles 6:50pm - Crews were able to restore power to all but 94 members. The new ETR - (estimated time of restoral) is 1:00am

10:11 pm. Muliple outages have been reported. Crews have been dispatched and will be investigating the cause of the outage.