2. General Requirement

A. Customers should give particular attention to sizing the ampacity of the service entrance equipment when determining present and future electrical needs.

B. Customers must provide inspection ticket number from a certified electrical inspector serving the area before URE will permanently connect or reconnect service. URE’s representative has no authority to certify a member’s electric service equipment, wiring system, other equipment, or appliances for compliance with state, local, or any other codes. UREC will determine whether the member’s installed electric service equipment is in accordance with URE’s requirements. UREC in no way warrants or represents that any element of the customer’s electrical system is safe or conforms to any code. Governmental authorities and the customer are responsible for assuring that the customer’s electric service equipment, wiring system, other equipment, and appliances are installed and maintained safely and in compliance with applicable codes.

C. URE reserves the right to withhold connection to and disconnect its system from any installation not conforming to the requirements.

D. The electrical contractor should be familiar with the work of other trades on the premise so the electric service system and electric meter installation will not be obstructed. Examples of possible obstructions are plumbing, HVAC, or other building structures.