A. Specific Requirements

  1. Qualified Equipment and Installation
    1. Equipment shall be rated according to ARI (Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Institute) test standards and certified by ARI or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) or other nationally recognized testing organizations.
    2. The heat pump shall be a central system or ductless mini-split meeting current minimum federal appliance efficiency standards.
    3. The installer shall be a dealer approved by the participating Cooperative.
    4. Central systems must include properly-sized ductwork.
    5. Systems shall be wired according to the Cooperative’s requirements concerning second meters and possible future installation of load control switches for direct load management efforts and in compliance with the National Electric Code and local or Ohio Electric Code requirements.
  2. Dealers shall provide to consumer-members, as part of the sales-installation agreement:
    1. Owner’s manual and instruction for equipment operation.
    2. Installation instructions and warranties.
    3. An offer for a maintenance-service contract.
  3. The participating dealer or URE member shall be required to submit the following to URE:
    1. Application for rebate.
    2. Upon request by the participating Cooperative, copies of equipment and duct sizing calculations