Medium General Service


Applicable in all designated territories served by the Cooperative.


Available to all customers provided that Customer consumes at least 300 Mcf per year between September 1 and August 31. Annual consumption for customers served hereunder will be reviewed each August 31st.

Medium General Service Sales Rate

Wholesale Cost of Gas

Shall be charged and shall include all monthly costs for the commodity, transmission, firm capacity, and ancillary services required for the delivery of gas to the distribution system.

Distribution Service Charge

First 25,000 cubic feet of gas consumed per account per month of $0.350 per 100 cubic feet.

Over 25,000 cubic feet of gas consumed per account shall be at the monthly DSC rate less $0.02 per 100 cubic feet.

Customer Charge

A “Customer Charge” $25 per account per month, regardless of gas consumed. An “account” includes all gas consumption which (1) is consumed by the same individual, governmental or corporate entity, including affiliates and subsidiaries, and (2) occurs on property which is either contiguous or is separated by no more than the width of a public or private right-of-way. The Cooperative may individually negotiate the rates for service to accounts under this rate schedule by separate contract.

Monthly Minimum Distribution Service Charge

The monthly minimum charge for Distribution Service shall be the Customer Charge.

Late Payment Charge

Any current bill not paid within 15 working days of the mailing of the bill shall be subject to a late payment charge 5% of the total bill.

Service Reestablishment Charge

If service under this rate schedule is discontinued at the request of the customer, the Cooperative shall not be under any obligation to resume service to the same customer to the same premises until the customer has made payment of an amount equal to the monthly customer charge for each month of the intervening period, but not to exceed 8 months.

Tax Provision

The foregoing rates do not include any amount for any tax now in effect or which hereafter be levied by the State of Ohio, or any political subdivision, on the volume delivered to or the revenue received from the sale of gas to the ultimate customer. It is hereby provided, therefore, that the amount of all such taxes imposed by the State of Ohio or any political subdivision, shall be added to the amount of each monthly bill as determined pursuant to the rates and charges herein above set forth.

Approved by: Board of Trustees: Jeffery Wilson, Chariman

Effective: October, 2000


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