Section 1 – General

The Cooperative will operate its natural gas system in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth in DOT 49CFR, Part 192, and any applicable local codes. It is our goal to provide a safe, reliable, distribution system to our members.

1. Concurrences

These Rules and Regulations are subject to and include as part thereof all orders, rules, and regulations applicable to the Cooperative as from time to time issued or established by the Board of Trustees, a copy of which shall be available for inspection in the office of the Cooperative at 15461 US 36, Marysville, Ohio 43040 and on the Cooperative’s website.

2. Amendments

The Cooperative reserves the right to modify, alter or amend the foregoing Rules and Regulations and to make such further and other rules and regulations as experience may suggest and as the Cooperative may deem necessary or convenient in the conduct of its business. Said new rules and regulations are to become effective, and will be added to the Cooperative’s Terms and Conditions after approval by the Cooperative Board of Trustees