Section 3 – Metering & Billing

Quantity of Gas Delivered by Meter

Gas will be measured by a meter installed by the Cooperative, which shall be and remain the property of the Cooperative. Subject to certain exceptions, enumerated below, consumption shall be determined on the basis of the meter registration, at standard pressure, and bills shall reflect the consumption so registered. Readings at a higher pressure will be corrected by multiplying factors or metering devices converting the reading into standard pressure values. Any mistake in reading the registration, however, shall not affect the member’s obligation to pay for gas consumed as determined by a corrected reading of the registration.

Without prejudice to its providing metered service, where warranted the Cooperative may provide natural gas light service on a non-metered basis, using for billing purposes the approximate average consumption of such appliance at the rate applicable in the area.

When the meter is not read, the Cooperative may estimate the quantity of gas consumed and render a bill for such quantity; however any such bill shall convey the information that it is “estimated” and that correction of errors will be made upon the next actual meter reading.

During any period that incorrect or no registration can be established, the meter readings and bills based thereon shall be adjusted by the Cooperative on the basis of all available information concerning the use of gas by the member. If, as the result of such adjustment, overpayments or underpayments are shown to have occurred, the Cooperative shall reimburse the member in the amount of such overpayments and the member shall pay the Cooperative the amount of such underpayments, in either case, such adjusted payments shall not be for a period in excess of 3 months. The Cooperative shall continue to supply gas to the member and the member shall continue to pay the amounts billed pending adjustment.

Meter Accuracy

A meter registering between 3% fast and 3% slow of accurate as determined by testing, shall be deemed to be registering correctly. A meter registering incorrectly shall be repaired or replaced by the Cooperative at its expense.

At the request of any member, the Cooperative shall have their meter tested, and, if so desired, in their presence, with a certified and sealed meter prover. If the meter is found to be correct, as above defined, the member shall be charged all applicable fees as defined in Schedule of Charges. If the meter is found to be incorrect, as above defined, the member shall not be charged any fees. The date of re-inspection shall be stamped on the meter or recorded. If the member desires another test within 24 months of the last re-inspection, member must deposit a sum covering all applicable fees for the re-inspection before same shall be conducted. Such deposit shall be refunded if meter registration is found incorrect or will be retained by the Cooperative if no defect is found.

Billing Periods

Bills ordinarily are rendered regularly at monthly intervals. Non-receipt of bills by member does not release or diminish the obligation of a member with respect to payment thereof; however, no late payment charge or penalty will be assessed if delay in payment was occasioned by delay in receipt of the bill.

Payment of Bills

Bills may be paid by the member by mail, addressed to PO Box 393, Marysville, OH 43040, or at the office of the Cooperative, at 15461 US 36, Marysville, Oh, 43040, during its regular office hours. Any remittance received by mail at any office of the Cooperative bearing U.S. Postal Service cancellation date corresponding with the day of the net payment period will be accepted by the Cooperative as within the net payment period.

A night depository is provided for the convenience of the Members. Payments received in the Cooperative’s night depository are considered as a payment made on the following day.

Payments can be made electronically at our website “”. Payment settling times may vary, please contact the office with questions.

Cash, personal checks, money orders, credit card (Visa & MasterCard only), bank drafts, and electronic checks are acceptable forms of payment. Members can make payments 24/7, by calling our automated pay-by-phone service at (877) 999-3413. The account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required to use this service. The Cooperative is not responsible for discrepancies in cash payments made by mail or in the night depository. Two party checks will not be accepted. Members who have had two or more checks returned for insufficient funds shall be required to make future payments by cash or money order. The Cooperative may charge the Member a fee for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

In the event of an accounting/billing error, an adjustment shall be made retroactive to the date of the highest confidence, limited to a maximum of the prior 12-month period to account for and correct the error. If the Member owes the Cooperative, payment arrangements may be made with mutually agreed terms. If the Cooperative owes the Member, the Member’s account shall be credited the amount of the error calculated up to the 12 month period.

Removal of Service by Cooperative

At the option of the Cooperative, the Cooperative shall have the right to shut off the gas and to remove its property from the member’s premises and the Cooperative shall have the further right independent of or concurrent with the right to shut off, to demand immediate payment for all gas theretofore delivered to the member and not paid for, which amount shall become due and payable immediately upon such demand, when the member vacates the premises, becomes bankrupt or a receiver, trustee, guardian, or conservator is appointed for the assets of the member, or the member makes assignment for the benefit of creditors. This provision shall not be construed to give the Cooperative the right to discontinue gas service to the residence of a member who is the owner, or part owner, of a business that has become bankrupt unless the Cooperative can show that neither the member nor others, acting on their behalf, can or will pay for the gas consumed at such residence.