Section 4 – Collection & Disconnect Procedures for Nonpayment

Termination of Service for Nonpayment

Accounts, which are delinquent more than 30 days, are subject to having their natural gas service disconnected. The Cooperative, prior to disconnecting said delinquent service, shall issue a balance forward on the monthly bill indicating the delinquent amount, which shall serve as the delinquent notice at least 10 days prior to the date for disconnection. Failure of the Member to receive the bill/notice does not relieve the Member of responsibility for timely payment.

If the delinquent amount of the account is not fully paid prior to the disconnect date indicated on the delinquent notice, the natural gas service may be terminated without any further notice to the Member.

If payment has not been received in the Cooperative office prior to the date of disconnection, the Cooperative may attempt to collect the delinquent amount or service will be terminated for non-payment. If the Cooperative dispatches an employee or agent to the service address to collect payment* a collection fee will be charged according to the current Schedule of Fees and Charges.

*To comply with the Federal Red Flag Rules regarding identity theft and for employee safety, payments will not be accepted in the field. During the collection visit, members will be directed by the employee or agent to contact the office to make payment or to make payment online on our website.

The Cooperative will only disconnect natural gas service for nonpayment during normal business hours. The Cooperative will not disconnect for nonpayment after 12:30 p.m. on days preceding holidays or on Fridays.

Residential Payment Arrangements

The Cooperative reserves the right to offer a 2-week extension on payment of the delinquent amount from the date of disconnection for nonpayment in addition to full payment of the current month billing.

Non-Residential Payment Arrangements

The Cooperative reserves the right to offer payment arrangements for non-residential delinquent accounts. Any payment arrangements for non-residential delinquent accounts shall be unique to that Member.

Members failing to meet the commitments on any payment arrangement are in default of their payment arrangement and shall be subject to immediate termination of natural gas service.

Reconnection of Natural Gas Service Disconnected for Nonpayment

Accounts, which have been disconnected for nonpayment, shall be reconnected following payment in full of the delinquent amount, the current billing, a security deposit, and any applicable fees. A reconnect fee shall be assessed for any service disconnected for non-payment according to the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

30 Day Medical Certificate

Any Member subject to termination of their natural gas service for non-payment with a medical condition dependent upon natural gas service that without natural gas service would be “Especially Dangerous or Life Threatening” to the health of the Member, family Member residing in the home or individual under the care of the Member, is required to have a licensed physician or local Board of Health physician complete a 30 Day Medical Certificate. Provided the 30 Day Medical Certificate is completed by a licensed physician or local Board of Health physician and returned to the Cooperative office within 7 days of the Member’s request for special consideration, natural gas service shall not be terminated for non-payment during the term of the certificate. The 30 Day Medical Certificate is renewable 3 consecutive times for a maximum of 90 days.