Section 5 – Physical Property

Service Lines

The general term “service line” is commonly used to designate the complete gas piping and connection from the Cooperative gas main line up to and including the gas meter outlet. It consists of two distinct parts: (1) the Cooperative’s service line connection and (2) the Member’s service line. The entire service line shall be installed and maintained in compliance with Federal DOT Rules and Regulations CFR Part 192, applicable State regulations, and the Cooperative.

  1. Service Line Connection. The service line connection consists of the connection at the main, necessary pipe and appurtenances to extend to either the Member’s property line, excess flow valve, and/or curb valve location and curb box. This connection shall be made by the Cooperative at its expense , and remains the property of the Cooperative.
  2. Member Service Line. The member service line consists of the pipe from the outlet of the curb valve or property line, extending to and including the meter manifold. The member’s service line shall be installed and maintained at the member’s expense, and it shall be and remain the property of the member. All service lines must be installed to the Cooperative specifications, required inspections, and agreeable termination point. The Cooperative shall not be liable for any imperfections therein or for any damage, injury, or loss resulting, directly or indirectly, from the escape of gas therefrom.
  3. New members have the option of installing their portion of the gas service line or to enter into an agreement for the Cooperative to install it at member’s expense. The Cooperative may install Commercial service lines at their expense, if supplied load information determines it economically feasible.
  4. The Cooperative shall not be responsible for any property reclamation associated with the installation of the service line.

Pressure Regulators

Where service is provided from high or medium pressure distribution lines, Cooperative approved pressure regulator(s) will be installed upstream of the gas meter to reduce the higher gas pressure to the desired delivery pressure. Safety overpressure protection devices shall be included or installed with the pressure regulators. After installation, the regulators and safety devices shall become property of the Cooperative to maintain or replace as needed.

Meter Furnished

The Cooperative will furnish each member with a meter of such size and type as the Cooperative may determine will adequately serve the member’s requirements and such meter shall be and remain the property of the Cooperative. The Cooperative shall have the right to replace it or test it for accuracy as the Cooperative may deem necessary. For our commercial members, the Cooperative will construct or cause to construct a pre-fabricated meter manifold, designed to the member’s requested specifications, and at the member’s expense. The member or their representative will be responsible for the installation of the meter manifold.

Meter Location

The Cooperative shall determine the location of the gas meter. If changes in a building or arrangements therein render the meter inaccessible or exposed to hazards, the Cooperative may require the member, at the member’s expense, to relocate the meter setting together with any portion of the member’s service line necessary to accomplish such relocation. The Cooperative shall at its own expense, relocate the gas meter to the new setting. If exposed to vehicular traffic or other hazards, the Cooperative will require the Member to install adequate protection around the meter setting to protect it from any probable hazards. Meters will normally be install outdoors in an accessible location

Only Cooperative Can Connect Meter

The owner or member shall not permit anyone who is not an employee or authorized agent of the Cooperative to connect or disconnect the Cooperative’s meters, regulators, or reading correctors or in any way alter or interfere with the Cooperative’s meters, regulators, or reading correctors.

Member's Equipment & Installation

The member shall furnish, install and maintain at their expense the necessary member’s service line extending from the Cooperative’s service connection at the curb valve or property line to the building or place of utilization of the gas service.

The installation of the member’s service line shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the constituted governmental authorities and the Cooperative’s specifications covering location, installation, kind and size of pipe, type of pipe coating or wrapping, and method of connecting the joints of pipe. The location shall be the point of easiest access to the Cooperative from its facilities and the Cooperative shall be consulted and its approval obtained before the installation is made.

In the installation of the service line, the member shall not install any tees or branch connection and must leave the trench open and pipe uncovered until it is examined by an inspector of the Cooperative and shown to be free from any irregularity or defect. The member shall not make any change in or interfere with their service line without the consent of the Cooperative.

In all cases where practical, the member’s service shall not be installed entering a building underground but shall be brought up out of the ground with a riser and entrance made to the building through the wall or foundation a minimum of 6 inches above the ground.

The member shall furnish, install and maintain at their expense the necessary house piping, connections and appliances and same shall be installed in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the Cooperative as compiled and approved by the American Standards Association, the current or latest editions of the National Fuel Gas Code, the International Fuel Gas Code, the American Gas Association and other similar bodies and any revisions of the American Gas Association and other similar bodies, and any revisions thereof which are herewith incorporated by reference as a part of the Cooperative’s Rules and Regulations where applicable, and when not in conflict with the requirements of the constituted authorities. House piping is defined as all piping and appliances downstream of the Cooperative’s meter.


No appliances shall be used which are not of a standard design and which have not been approved by the American Gas Association or a similar or equally qualified agency and the Cooperative. All appliances shall be installed and operated according the manufacturer’s specifications or governing authority. Pressure regulators shall be installed on all appliances or house piping where recommended by the manufacturer or where necessary, to enable the Cooperative to provide safe gas service.

Standards for Member's Property

The member’s service line, house lines, fittings, connections, and appliance venting shall be installed with materials and workmanship which meet the reasonable requirements of the Cooperative and shall be subject to inspection or test by the Cooperative or by a duly authorized public authority. The Cooperative shall have no obligation to establish service until after such inspection and test demonstrates compliance with such requirements of the Cooperative, with respect to the facilities in place at the time of the test. The first inspection or test at any premises, including both service lines and house lines, shall be without charge. In the case of leak, error, patent defect, or other unsatisfactory condition resulting in the disapproval of either line by the Cooperative, the necessary correction shall be made at the member’s expense and then the lines will be re-inspected and tested again by the Cooperative. Each additional inspection and test, when required after correction, shall be subject to a charge covering the cost.

Discontinuance of Supply on Notice of Defect in Member's Property

If the member’s service line, house lines, fittings, valves, connections, gas appliances, or equipment on a member’s premises are defective or in such condition as to constitute a hazard, the Cooperative may discontinue the supply of gas to such appliances, equipment, or other gas lines until such defect or condition has been rectified by the member in compliance with the reasonable requirements of the Cooperative.

No Responsibility for Material or Workmanship

The Cooperative is not responsible for maintenance of, or any imperfect material or defective or faulty workmanship in the member’s service line, house lines, fittings, valve connections, equipment, or appliances and is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from inadequate or improper maintenance or from imperfect material or defective or faulty workmanship, unless work was performed by the Cooperative’s employees and Cooperative was reimbursed for such work performed.

Inspection of Altered Piping

It shall be the duty of the member to notify the Cooperative promptly of any additions, changes, alterations, remodeling, or reconstruction affecting gas piping or gas metering on the member’s premises.

Relocation of Facilities for Member Convenience

If the member requests the relocation of Cooperative’s facilities for their convenience and the Cooperative agrees to perform the relocation, the member shall pay all costs associated with the relocation.