Section 6 – Extension of Distribution System

  1. Applicants for new service will be classified as follows:
    1. Class 1 – Residential loads utilizing gas as the major source of energy for space heating and for base loads such as water heating, cooking, drying, etc.
    2. Class 2 – Residential base load use only
    3. Commercial – Any other non-residential gas utilization load
  2. The Cooperative may extend its distribution mains on any dedicated street, highway, or provided right-of-way, the following footage without cost to the Applicant, dependent upon all applicable circumstances:
    1. Class 1 – 150 feet
    2. Class 2 – 100 feet
    3. Commercial – footage to be determined by the supplied load information and economic feasibility

Additional main line required by the Applicants beyond their extension allowance will require the Cooperative to receive detailed load information to determine the estimated revenue generated from the Applicant’s request. The Cooperative will calculate a “contribution in aid of construction” (CIAC) based upon the cost to provide gas service to the Applicant. . The CIAC is non-refundable and must be paid prior to the Cooperative constructing new main line facilities. The CIAC charge does not include individual tap fees, service lines, or meter manifold unless otherwise noted by the Cooperative.

Residential and Commercial real estate plats or subdivision Applicants must enter into an Agreement for Service that details the Cooperative’s terms and conditions for providing natural gas service. The Cooperative will analyze the Applicants detailed load information and site plans to determine its cost to serve the facility and arrive at the CIAC that would be charged to the Applicant. Should the Applicant abandon or not follow through with its site development within 24 months after the Cooperative installs the gas main facilities, the Cooperative reserves the right to charge the Applicant for the balance of its cost to serve the facility. The Cooperative shall have no obligation to make any extensions during the months of December, January, February, or March.

New members requesting a mainline extension for gas service, must utilize the gas service within 12 months, or the Cooperative reserves the right to charge for reimbursement of their costs of the extension. New members requesting a service line connection, must utilize gas service within 90 days or be subject to our minimum monthly fee. New service line connections installed at the Cooperatives convenience, (ex: Installed during mainline installation in a plotted subdivision) may not be subject to the minimum monthly fee.