Section I – Requirements for Securing Electric Service

A. Membership Application

All prospective Members shall be required to be a Member of the Cooperative by completing a formal application for electric service on the Cooperative's standard form. The application for electric service shall constitute a binding contract between the applicant and the Cooperative in conformance to these Terms and Conditions for Supplying Electric Service, and the applicable rate schedule.

B. Enrollment Fee

Each Member shall be required to pay a non-refundable account set up fee to establish each account in the Member’s name. No enrollment fee shall be charged to establish an account of a surviving spouse of a deceased Member or to relocate an existing service.

C. Security Deposit

The Cooperative reserves the right to require a security deposit for a residential, commercial or industrial account.

D. Rate Schedule

The Cooperative shall make the determination of the appropriate rate schedule.

E. Lease & Affidavit

Members requesting service for disconnected services for nonpayment and/or delinquent services may be required to provide

  1. Notarized lease document showing name of lessee, address, landlord with contact info, list of all occupants, and start date of the lease
  2. Signed affidavit stating that the person whose name the service was previously in no longer lives at the location and will not be living there in the future