Section IV – Quality & Continuity of Electric Service

The quality of electric service supplied by the Cooperative shall be in accordance with the accepted standards of the industry. The Cooperative shall maintain adequate facilities and trained personnel for maintaining quality electric service. The Cooperative's nominal standard voltage for standard lighting and other domestic uses shall be 120/240 volts, 60 cycles, single-phase alternating current. Other voltages may be furnished by special arrangements with the Cooperative and at the option of the Cooperative. The Cooperative will endeavor to maintain the voltage within 7.5% of the standard voltage.

The Cooperative will use reasonable diligence in furnishing a regular and uninterrupted supply of electric power and energy, but does not guarantee uninterrupted service. The Cooperative shall not be liable for damages in case such supply should be interrupted or fail by reason of an act of God, the public enemy, accidents, labor disputes, orders or acts of civil or military authority, loss of power supply beyond its control, breakdowns or injury to the machinery, transmission lines, distribution lines or other facilities of the Cooperative, extraordinary repairs, or any other cause beyond its control.

Vegetation management in or near the electric distribution facilities shall be performed by the Cooperative or it’s representatives on a schedule that conforms with best practices for vegetation growth, and some faster growing varieties may require more frequent cutting. Minimum clearance must meet all applicable codes.

The Cooperative shall be prompt and diligent in reenergizing its facilities and restoring its service as soon as it believes that in the exercise of reasonable care for the protection of the public and the employees of the Cooperative such action can be taken with reasonable safety.

When Cooperative personnel are dispatched to restore an outage and the problem is determined to be on the Member's side of the service, the Cooperative may charge the Member a service fee. If after investigation, it is determined that the Cooperative's electrical facilities are not at fault, a service charge may be assessed.

In the event of an adverse condition or disturbance on the system of the Cooperative, or any other system directly or indirectly interconnected with it which requires automatic or manual interruption of the supply of electricity to some Members in order to limit the extent or duration of the adverse condition or disturbance, or to prevent damage to generating or transmission facilities, or to expedite restoration of service, the Cooperative may, without incurring liability, take such action as appears reasonably necessary.