Section VI – Billing & Payment for Service

The Cooperative has a monthly cycle billing format. The Cooperative will send the bill to the address furnished by the Member. Failure to receive the bill does not relieve the Member of the responsibility for timely payment.

Payments for electric service may be made at the Cooperative's office at 15461 U.S. Route 36, P.O. Box 393, Marysville, OH 43040, during regular business hours. A night depository is provided for the convenience of the Members. Payments received in the Cooperative’s night depository are considered as a payment made on the following business day. Payments can be made electronically at Payment settling times may vary, please contact the office with questions.

Bills not paid by the close of business on the penalty date printed on the electric bill shall forfeit the 5% discount.

Cash, personal checks, money orders, credit cards (Visa & MasterCard only), bank draft, and electronic checks are acceptable forms of payment. Payments can be made using the automated pay-by phone service by calling (877) 999-3413. The account number and Personal Identification number (PIN) is required to use this service. The Cooperative is not responsible for discrepancies in cash payments made by mail or in the night depository. Two-party checks will not be accepted. All checks are electronically processed at receipt. Members who have had two or more checks returned for insufficient funds shall be required to make future payments by cash or money order. The Cooperative may charge the Member a fee for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

In the event of an accounting/billing error, an adjustment shall be made retroactive to the date of highest confidence to account for and correct the error. If the Member owes the Cooperative, payment arrangements may be made with mutually agreed terms. If the Cooperative owes the Member, the Member’s account shall be credited the amount of the error within 1 year from the discovery of the error, by means of 12 equal payments, unless an accelerated payment arrangement is determined acceptable by URE.