Section VIII – Termination of Electric Service for Reasons Other than Nonpayment

A. Cause for Termination

Service may be disconnected at the Cooperative's discretion under the following conditions:

  1. At the request of the Member;
  2. In event that it is a prudent matter of safety to disconnect electric service to perform construction or maintenance or special monitoring service;
  3. To a Member who is using electricity in a manner which is detrimental to the electric service of other Members;
  4. To a Member in conflict or incompatible with the laws of the State of Ohio or the Federal Government and/or any of its agencies;
  5. To a service location that has been vacated;
  6. When supplying electricity creates a dangerous condition on the Member's premises or where because of conditions beyond the Member's premises, termination of the supply of electricity is reasonably necessary;
  7. In the event the Member uses fraudulent practice in obtaining electricity or is the beneficiary of such fraudulent practice.
  8. By order of public authority