Single Phase Service


This rate schedule is applicable to all customers receiving single-phase service from the Cooperative for all uses of electric power and energy metered through one meter without demand metering, subject to the Cooperative’s rules and regulations.

Type of Service

Single-phase, 60 hertz, 120/240 volts.

Monthly Rate

Generation Service

  • Energy Charge - All kilowatt-hours (kWh) $0.03870 per kWh

Transmission Service 

  • $0.01406 per kWh

Distribution Services

  • Base Charge $20
  • Energy Charge
    • First 1,000 kWh $0.0432 per kWh
    • Over 1,000 kWh $0.0245 per kWh

Monthly Minimum Charge

The monthly minimum charge for Distribution Services component of the above monthly rate shall be $35.

Wholesale Fuel Cost Adjustment

In addition to the above Generation and Transmission Service Energy Charge, the Customer will be billed a wholesale fuel cost adjustment in accordance with Schedule FCA.

Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment

Whenever the wholesale power rate increases or decreases above or below the current applicable Buckeye Power, Inc. wholesale rate schedule, the Cooperative may increase or decrease the Generation and Transmission Service Energy Charge by an amount sufficient to recover such change in its wholesale power cost.

Transmission Service Adjustment

Whenever the wholesale transmission costs from Buckeye Power increase or decrease above or below an amount recoverable by the current applicable URE Transmission Service rate, the Cooperative may increase or decrease the Transmission Service rate by an amount sufficient to recover the change in its transmission costs from Buckeye Power.

Tax Provision

All non-federal government and non-exempt Customers served hereunder shall be assessed and billed an energy excise tax in accordance with Schedule EET. The Customer shall also pay in addition to all other amounts provided herein any other sales, use, franchise, gross receipts, utility, excise, or other tax now or hereafter applicable to the service rendered hereunder or imposed on the Cooperative as a result of such service; provided, however, that no such tax shall be included in the monthly charge if the Customer has furnished to the Cooperative satisfactory evidence of the Cooperative’s exemption from liability for such tax.

Load Control Switch

The Cooperative may install load control switches on qualifying appliances as part of the Cooperative’s load management program. The Customer shall receive benefits under the Cooperative’s program provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

Terms of Payment

The above rates are net. If the total amount as computed above is not paid in accordance with the monthly statement rendered, then the net bill will be increased by 5%.

Approved by: Board of Trustees, June 2, 2020

Effective: All billings beginning August 1, 2020