EnviroWatts FAQs

Can Businesses Participate?

They certainly can, and do! There’s also a bulk purchase program for businesses which want to show their support in a big way.

What Are the Sources of Energy for the EnviroWatts Program?

Renewable sources come from an ever-changing energy portfolio including wind, bio-digesters on farms and landfill methane gas, some of which are produced right here in Ohio. Electric power produced from a variety of renewable sources is purchased on behalf of the Ohio co-ops for this program.

Can One Person Really Make a Difference?

Absolutely! We’ve seen the EnviroWatts program grow because concerned cooperative members value the environment and want to ensure a more diversified energy future for their children and grandchildren.

Why Should I Participate?

The EnviroWatts program gives you a chance to show your support for energy generated from renewable sources – sources such as wind, bio-digesters on animal farms and waste gas from landfills that might normally just be flared into the atmosphere. If producing electricity from renewable energy sources is important to you, EnviroWatts provides an easy, inexpensive way to show you care.