Geothermal Information

F. Soft Start Capacitor

URE recommends that all geothermal systems have a soft start capacitor on their compressor systems. Failure to have this option may cause lights to flicker or other electrical issues that are beyond our control when the compressor starts up.

D. Thermal Envelope

Advising a consumer of the benefits to be gained from improving the thermal envelope of a structure house prior to the installation of qualified equipment is an essential part of the Geothermal Heating Program.

C. Rebate

A rebate of $800 will be paid to the member on the basis of one rebate for each unit installed. Maximum $1,600 for two rebates per residential member.

A. Eligibility for Rebate
  1. The building must be a residential structure that uses electricity from Union Rural Electric (URE).
  2. Rebate is to be paid to the URE member who owns the building.