Spot a Scam

3 Common Scams
  • Scam #1: The prepaid debit card scam. Scammers insist that consumers need to pay their bill immediately or their electricity will be disconnected. They tell them to purchase a prepaid debit card and call them back, to a specific number, with the verification code.
  • Scam #2: False rebate. Scammers inform consumers that they have a $25 rebate on their monthly Ohio Cooperative Living subscription. The scammers say they need consumers’ bank account information to transfer the rebate.
  • Scam #3: Google scam. A Google Calendar invitation pops up in your email inbox. It claims that it is a “Good Calendar” and has the subject line, “Your electric bill is available.”
How to Spot a Scam
  • A call, email, letter, or home visit from an unfamiliar number or person
  • Asking for personal or any bank account information
  • Demanding an immediate payment with a threat attached
  • Only accepting a prepaid debit card as a form of payment
  • Pressuring you for a quick decision and payment Informing you of a rebate you should not be receiving

Scam Safety Reminders

  • Your electric co-op, bank, or other utilities and organizations will never call you and ask for confidential, personal, or financial information over the phone.
  • Always ensure that the number or email contacting you is the same as the contact information on your bill
  • If you believe you’re being scammed, collect as much information about the situation as possible and report it to your co-op immediately.