Budget Friendly Energy-Saving Upgrades for Your Business

Piggy BankYou have a busy schedule and many line items on your budget, so energy use may not be top of mind. However, energy is a significant cost of doing business for many companies. In fact, even businesses in smaller facilities (those with less than 5,000 square feet) spend, on average, nearly $5,000 a year on energy costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Companies housed in larger facilities or those with more energy intensive processes often spend a lot more.

Despite this, your budget may not have room for a costly major system upgrade. If so, these low-cost measures are for you. They can significantly shrink your energy bills without taking up much space on your cost ledger.

Install smart thermostats

Heating and cooling make up nearly half of commercial building energy costs. Advanced smart thermostats can help you control those costs and maintain occupant comfort, while adding the convenience of remote 24-hour control. Some models offer even more advanced features, such as self-programming and smart sensors that can detect hot and cold spots in your building.

Switch to LED lighting

Making the switch to high-efficiency, long-lasting LEDs doesn’t require a major upgrade. LED bulbs are available to fit into almost any lighting fixture in your business. If your building is still using fluorescent tube lamps, LED replacement lamps are available that offer energy savings and superior light quality.

Implement lighting controls

Install occupancy sensors to turn off lights in areas with varying use, such as restrooms, storage areas and break rooms. These are inexpensive devices that can be installed quickly and easily on walls or ceilings. To optimize savings, locate sensors so their sight lines are unobstructed, allowing them to detect motion and control lights effectively.

Plug smarter

Computers, office equipment and other electronics continue to draw power when no one is using them, even after hours. Plug these devices into advanced power strips or smart plugs. They automatically cut power to unused devices and then power them right back on when someone is ready to use them.

Seal leaks with weatherstripping and caulking

You pay a lot to keep your building comfortable; don’t let energy dollars slip away through leaks in doors and windows. Weatherstripping and caulking windows and doors is simple and inexpensive, and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs and increase occupant comfort year round.

To dig deeper and optimize savings, consider an energy audit of your facility. A professional auditor will examine your building and operations and recommend targeted cost-saving opportunities.