Class of 2023 You Did It!

Record Number of Applications!

Each year, the Union Rural Electric (URE) scholarship program seeks out the best of the best among area high school seniors. URE o  ers scholarship opportunities for high school seniors whose households receive electric service from URE. All 30 candidates who applied for scholarships this year had strong academic records as well as heavy involvement in their community and school activities. “The quality and depth of this year’s class of candidates blew us away,” said Mike Aquillo, URE’s

2 Year Path Scholarships

Area schools have increased programming and curricula focusing on career readiness, STEM, and other academic programs in high-demand employment fields. Because URE wanted to ensure our scholarship programs keep pace with the pathways today’s students are exploring, in 2021 we added a new scholarship opportunity for high school seniors planning to continue their education at either a community college or technical school. Congratulations to these 2-year path scholarship winners!

CXO and vice president for member services, who led a committee of 3 people charged with the difficult task of choosing scholarship winners. “We had our largest ever pool of highly qualified applicants, whose credentials included high academic achievement, outstanding extracurricular involvement and leadership, meaningful community service, and an impressive understanding of the cooperative business model.”

The committee interviewed 17 outstanding candidates. On top of their impressive resumes, these finalists had to demonstrate excellent verbal communication skills and knowledge of the electric cooperative system in a panel interview. It was a very difficult process, but the committee narrowed the field down to these 5 places.

4 Year Path Scholarships

For many years, URE has provided scholarships for students planning to continue their educations at 4-year colleges or universities. This year, all 3 4-year path winners impressed the judges with their vision of their future in addition to being able to articulate what they have learned about the cooperative business model. Join us in congratulating these outstanding students on all their accomplishments!

URE’s 4-year path fi rst-place winner, Cannon Moser, will compete against representatives from each of Ohio’s 24 electric cooperatives in a contest for additional scholarship awards. Statewide winners will be announced next month.