Giving Back is the Co-op Way

Your spare change goes a long way when you share it with Operation Round Up.

Operation Round Up volunteer board: Front row: Sally Ward and Ashley Ullmer. Back row: Jeff Grose, Kevin Crosthwaite, Gene Nicol, Rich Meiring and Bill Thaman

By simply “rounding up” your bill to the next dollar each month, URE’s members make a big difference with small change in Union County!

Since its inception in 1999, Operation Round Up has processed hundreds of applications and given out over $500,000 to individuals and groups around Union County.

Here’s how it works: Your bill is rounded up to the next dollar each month. For example, a bill of $82.66 is rounded up to $83. The extra 34 cents goes directly to URE’s Trust Fund, set up specifically to handle Operation Round Up contributions.

Every month, the URE Trust Board reviews applications and selects those that qualify for assistance.

Operation Round Up is meant for one-time needs that can’t be completely met through other agencies.

To Apply for Assistance

  • The applicant (individual or organization) must pick up the application from the URE office
  • Individuals may qualify for up to $1,500
  • Groups may qualify for up to $3,000
  • Only the original application (no copies) with all information completed will be accepted for consideration
  • Application must be received no later than the Friday prior to the fourth Thursday of the month for consideration at that month’s meeting.